The Ultimate Vegan Lentil Nutloaf

This Vegan Nutloaf is not only moist but light and not overly nutty. To create this recipe what I did was take two of my favourite loafs and combine them into one which turned out wonderfully. I find that plain lentil loafs are quite “bean” heavy and pure nutloafs are quite heavy period. This one however takes the best of both and makes a vegan loaf that can easily become a holiday (or anytime) fave and tradition. Continue reading “The Ultimate Vegan Lentil Nutloaf”

Acorn Squash Hearty Fall Soup

acorn squash soup

This a soup I made the other evening using an acorn squash I was gifted while visiting a good friend’s organic farm in the interior of bc. I love making soups in the fall especially and this one is an original recipe due to the desire to add a little more “heartiness” to the soup by the way of green mung dahl beans. If you don’t have green mung dahl beans you can use green split peas instead.

Continue reading “Acorn Squash Hearty Fall Soup”

Vegan Coconut Veggie Subji

vegan coconut veggie subji

This is one of my favorite easy to do recipes when I need to cook a quick meal for my family.

All you need on hand is a can of coconut milk, some veggies and you can add the grain of your choosing!



1 Can of Coconut Milk 250ml or 8 oz.

1  Cups of chopped Cauliflower

1 Cups of chopped Carrot

1 Cup of chopped Broccoli

1 Cup of Cooked or Canned Chickpeas (protein option)

1 Tbs of Corn Starch or your choice of thickner

Salt and Pepper to taste


Just chop your veggies and add the coconut milk (chickpeas too if you like). Turn on High Medium, add Corn Starch, Chickpeas and stir every few minutes. Add Salt and Pepper to taste. Done in 15 min!