Crumbs from the Net

This is going to be a new feature on The Whole Food Vegan where I go through and share some of the best recipes that I’ve come across that week.

So here is to 2014 and to kick it off right, please let me present our first “Crumbs from the Net”

Photo Courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen


In the Gluten Free department this week we have a Flourless Chickpea Blondie that looks so delicious it’s hard to believe that there is no flour involved and it’s made with Chickpeas!  – Ambitious Kitchen

Andrea’s Vegan Thai Apple Salad, offers some world flavour with a kick. Cut apples on a bed of lettuce with a dressing of lime and chili! – Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking

Many of you (including myself) may have made a New Year’s resolution to eat less sugar. This recipe helps you do that while also giving you a bit of chocolaty sweetness in the form of Fruit & Nut Bliss Balls – I Quit Sugar

For those of you who may still have a whee bit of a hangover from partaking in last night’s revelry, here’s a Hangover Smoothie Recipe! – Blend Happy

5 Cool Smoothie Infographics

Whether you are long time smoothie lover or newbie, coming up with new smoothie combos is always fun. Here are a few great smoothie infographics which offer new combos for you try. My personal favorites always include Kale! Kale is simply a wonderful veggie that not always has a natural nutty taste but a svelte like smoothness that pleases the taste buds.

How to make a smoothie
Credit SuperSkinnyMe

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